The Dichotomy Of Masquerades

If your thinking of hosting an event you should really consider a Masquerade. Heres why:

It creates the classiest ambiance but asks the least of your guests. A full Victorian costume can set you back hundreds of dollars. However, a mask in combination with clothing items that the invitee already owns like a nightgown or tux provides a similar level of refinement and only costs what the wearer is willing to spend.

It gives the gents a free pass. In general, ladies are willing to invest significantly more time and effort into their ensemble and sometimes take the liberty of dressing their partner. He can buy a mask from Amazon for less than the price of a beer at happy hour. You can splurge on something unique whether its an amazing mask from Dora Marra in NYC or a full getup that will make you the bell of the ball.

Masks will make your party more intimate. As Oscar Wilde said, “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” In short, give your guests masks and not only will you remove any awkward silences you’re going to remove some big inhibitions. You’re going to see another side. A darker, bolder, freer, more artistic side. One much more in line with your guest’s private browser histories than the “invisible mask” they wear to work every day.

When you pass people on the street heading to a masquerade, they look like celebrities. You know it, and they know it. Even if they only spent a few dollars they look like a million bucks. That feeling inspires as much energy in the wearer as it does envy in the uninvited outsider.

Masquerades are special. They combine opposing principles in a juxtaposition with no real drawbacks. They instigate authentic self-expression and do precisely what every party purveyor should strive for; Create amazing communal experiences for the price of an espresso.